Friday, August 23, 2013

When to Buy Gold

People often ask the experts when to buy gold.  These days the answer often is “eight years ago.”  We all have watched the rise and wondered when to buy gold.  The truth is, almost anytime.  Gold always has value, since the beginning of recorded history.  Gold has been cherished for money, jewelry and technical uses since the ancient days of mankind.

So maybe the question of when to buy gold should be replaced by “Where to buy gold safely?”  Gold is a valuable commodity and a serious investment.  You should not consider it just a hobby or treat its purchase casually. 

Finding a reputable dealer is critical.  Because of the tremendous rise in value, the gold market is attracting many questionable dealers who are out to take advantage of first-time buyers.  They may misrepresent what they sell, have insufficient funds to back up their offers or even deal in counterfeit merchandise.

The good news is that it is easy to find a reputable dealer who buys and sells gold.  A reputable dealer will have many years of serving customers.  He will have a professional staff trained in customer service.  He will put a tremendous value on customer satisfaction.   

Answering another part of the question when to buy gold is easy.  When you can afford it!  Make sure you have your living expenses and your emergency funds in place before you start thinking about buying gold.  Gold is relatively easy to sell, but it is not cash that can be easily traded for goods or services.

Many people like antique gold coins for their connection to the past, some like gold coins because they are buying real money, and others love the designs and engravings.

To find out if gold is right for you, read magazines and books or do your homework on the internet.  Then when you are ready, visit a dealer with a great reputation.

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