Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gold Bullion Rates Are Rising Again

Political turmoil has always been good for gold.  That’s why in the current economic climate, gold bullion rates are rising again.  Investors rush to gold in uncertain times because they know gold has always been a respected investment.  Since its first discovery in ancient times, gold has fascinated mankind.  It has been fashioned into crowns for kings, worn as a symbol of love on ring fingers and adorned the great trophies and awards of all cultures.

When you consider buying gold, the gold bullion rates are only part of the consideration.  You should always choose a company that has had a long history of customer satisfaction and commitment to quality.  Merit Financial has been selling gold for 26 years; there is no other company more respected.  They have a wide range of satisfied customers from all walks of life.  What keeps everyone coming back is the founder of Merit Financial's belief in ethical business practices and the simple golden rule.  With gold bullion rates rising, there are many shady firms out to make a quick buck.  They don’t know anything about the gold business, they just want to make a lot of money while the precious metals market is hot.

Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.  The amount of steel poured in one single day exceeds the amount of poured gold since the beginning of recorded history.  Because of its high value, most of all gold discovered is still in circulation.  To the Incas, gold represented the sun god and was called the tears of the sun.  Similarly, in ancient Egypt, gold was thought to be the skin or flesh of the sun god RA.

The first gold in America was found in North Carolina:  a 17 pound nugget.  The most famous American gold rush started in 1848 when gold was discovered in California.  This gold rush was largely responsible for the quick settlement of the American West.  With such a fascinating history it is no wonder that people throughout the world want to own gold.  Gold bullion rates are always fluctuating, reflecting the supply and demand for gold.  To get the right deal, you must always consider the source of your gold.  Merit Financial will educate you about where your gold came from and what it’s worth.

The founder of Merit Gold built his company with complete customer service in mind.  His philosophy of treating people the way you want to be treated has been the cornerstone of the company since the beginning.  Every staff member is aware that this approach is critical to Merit Financial’s reputation.  Other reputable companies also have regular office hours, customer service departments, informative brochures and websites, and never do high-pressure selling.

Investing in gold is fun and rewarding, but with any investment, there is due diligence to be done.  Find out all you can about who you are buying from.  Make sure that they have been in business for while and have a customer service track record.  Gold needs to be handled and stored properly to maintain its value.  Investors should consult with sellers about the best way to store and protect gold.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

American Investors Love a Bag of Coins

American investors love a bag of coins. There is something about a bag of coins, especially if it is gold and silver, that gets investors excited. They feel like they have won the jackpot or the lottery. Any legitimate dealer can put a bag of coins together that will hit many different price points.

Inform your dealer of what price range you have in mind and how many coins you want selected. He will use his knowledge to choose a balanced selection to meet your price range. You may want a mixture of gold and silver coins or you may want your bag of coins to feature the same coin in different years of release.

Buying coins is a little more complicated than buying gold bars by weight. Coins have an add on value due to their rarity. It is important that the dealer you choose is an expert in coin grading and has all the necessary paperwork to validate any claims. You can also ask him to show you recent auction or other sales prices for a specific coin to make sure that you are not overpaying.

Please be aware that because of the rise in gold prices, many shady dealers have sprung up to take advantage of people who might not know what they are selling or buying. They will try to buy gold coins for the weight value alone and then try to sell you the same coins at a premium collectible level.

Reputable dealers are easy to find. They have been in business a long time, provide purchase guarantees in place, and put customer service first. They should also offer a good education of the strengths and weaknesses of gold for the first time buyer.

So go out and put together a coin bag, it’s fun and a great investment. But before you bring them home or store them in a secure place, ask your dealer about the proper care that will insure their value for decades to come.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Buying Gold and Building a Future

Years ago I worked in fashion and I bought lots of tools of me trade (shoes, purses and shiny things). As I get older, I still want to shop, but now my main interest is buying gold. The further away I get from my youth, the more I think about kicking back, hanging with my honey and not doing much more. In order to do that buying gold is part of my long-term strategy.

It is true that as you age, priorities change and the future inches closer. Now when I go to rub elbows with my friends Gucci, Prada and Christian Louboutin, it is only to say hello as I want gold bullion, gold bars, silver bullion, gold Maple Leaf coins and anything else that will fund my future of being able to enjoy my retirement. While it is no easy task leaving my fashion friends behind on the rack, I have learned to prioritize and look ahead.

My forray into buying gold and building a future is a cautious one. In my fantasy world, I personally have all the money the world and a hefty assortment of gold bullion, gold bars and gold Eagles, my real life, not so much. My personal gold predictions include that the price will keep going up and instead of saving of a fortune to buy a new 1 oz silver bar, I am going to start small and go big as the sooner I buy gold including the smallest gold American Eagle possible, the better off I will be in the long run.

The thing about buying gold is that it is a very expensive investment and it can take decades to see returns. That is why buying gold should be a part of a foundation for building a future, it has the built in time needed to force savings and increase the odds of turning a profit.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Purchase Gold Today or Regret it Later

Many investment specialists are advising their clients to purchase gold or it regret later.  This is because of the high prices precious metals have brought over the last eight years.  The rush to purchase gold is largely the result of people’s uncertainty over the global economy.  In times of economic stress, the desire to purchase gold typically drives the market higher.

Gold has always had value.  It’s the world’s oldest investment.  Gold is treasured for jewelry, industrial uses, and as a commodity.  More and more new investors are discovering the advantages of gold and other precious metals.

The decision to invest in gold is a personal one and should be taken seriously.  Many times, people are dazzled by the breakthrough prices and are in a rush to purchase gold.  This can lead to them falling victim to unscrupulous dealers who charge a high premium over the market value.  Even worse, they can find themselves purchasing gold of inferior quality.

To prevent this, you should always make any gold purchases from a dependable dealer who has been in the business for a long time.  They will know how to present you with all the proper paperwork and documentation that guarantees your purchase will hold its value.  Professional gold dealers who are reputable will have customer service policies in place.  They will answer all your questions, be totally transparent and honestly explain what premium price you are paying.

Don’t rush in to any deal.  The price of gold is not going to double in one day.  Take your time, figure out whether you are thinking long term or short term.  Understand that there are storage and security considerations that may add to the yearly cost of the investment.

Even though many experts are recommending that gold be part of your portfolio, you have to determine whether you want coins or bars, and how much you want to invest.