Monday, May 13, 2013

Buying Gold and Building a Future

Years ago I worked in fashion and I bought lots of tools of me trade (shoes, purses and shiny things). As I get older, I still want to shop, but now my main interest is buying gold. The further away I get from my youth, the more I think about kicking back, hanging with my honey and not doing much more. In order to do that buying gold is part of my long-term strategy.

It is true that as you age, priorities change and the future inches closer. Now when I go to rub elbows with my friends Gucci, Prada and Christian Louboutin, it is only to say hello as I want gold bullion, gold bars, silver bullion, gold Maple Leaf coins and anything else that will fund my future of being able to enjoy my retirement. While it is no easy task leaving my fashion friends behind on the rack, I have learned to prioritize and look ahead.

My forray into buying gold and building a future is a cautious one. In my fantasy world, I personally have all the money the world and a hefty assortment of gold bullion, gold bars and gold Eagles, my real life, not so much. My personal gold predictions include that the price will keep going up and instead of saving of a fortune to buy a new 1 oz silver bar, I am going to start small and go big as the sooner I buy gold including the smallest gold American Eagle possible, the better off I will be in the long run.

The thing about buying gold is that it is a very expensive investment and it can take decades to see returns. That is why buying gold should be a part of a foundation for building a future, it has the built in time needed to force savings and increase the odds of turning a profit.

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